Medical Expense Management Inc.
Why schedule an Independent Medial Evaluation

The IME is an important and effective tool in the management of Workers' Compensation and Auto No-Fault claims.

Many times it is the only means available to accurately assess extent of injury and disability. It is a useful tool in evaluating reserves and ultimate financial impact.

The Workers' Compensation Law provides for "adjustments" to indemnity benefits based on the medical evaluation of extent of disability. When faced with an ongoing temporary total disability claim, an IME evaluation finding of mild, moderate or marked can allow you the documentation and evidence you need to "adjust" the indemnity benefit to its appropriate level.

When To Schedule An IME
  • All controverted cases after claimant has submitted medical.
  • When surgery is being requested by attending physician.
  • When temporary total disability exceeds 8 weeks.
  • When permanency is being alleged.
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