With over 40 years claim experience, the goal of our management team is to provide you with meaningful reports and analysis to help you in your efforts to control runaway claim costs.

The doctors on our panel are skilled specialists in their field and are all practicing physicians as well.

We encourage “nominated” providers as well and will do everything we can to recruit providers that you would like to see on the panel, that are well respected in their field.

We will never charge a No-Show fee and will only pass along an IME examining physician’s no-show fee if there is one.

We will call every claimant well in advance of their exam to remind them of their exam and reduce the incidence of no shows. Our documented show rate is well above 90%.

We are personally committed to each and every customer making sure we are meeting and exceeding every expectation.

Please contact us for more information. We would be happy to meet and discuss our services with you.

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