Rapid Assessment Program

We are proud to introduce our newest service to add to the line-up of services already in place to help manage the cost of claim.

Our Rapid Assessment Program gives your adjusters a clear understanding of an injury in lay terms to assist in accurate reserving.

Our service provides you with efficient and effective use of Nurse Case Management experience and know-how. Use our RN’s for only those tasks you need and only for information you want. No redundancies, no “double contact” of claimants or employers. Only direct discussion with treating physicians to obtain the most accurate information about the claimant’s injury and treatment plan.

Expected outcome:
You can expect a clear understanding of injury in layman’s terms as well as recommendations and opinions regarding treatment and length of disability. Information is obtained by direct contact with treating physician or you don’t pay.

How do I refer a case?
To request a “Rap Sheet” simply submit our Rapid Assessment form. We will take care of the rest and send you a report of our findings.

When should I refer a case?
Any case can be a candidate for a “RAP sheet”, however in most cases it is a useful tool for less experienced adjusters, cases where the treating physician is vague about injury or treatment or when you simply need medical information quickly.

Program cost:
At $125 RAP is a fraction of the cost of a typical Telephonic Nurse Case Management assignment, a RAP nurse RN will contact the treating physician and get critical injury and treatment information “right from the horses mouth” and explain it to you in plain laymen terminology so you, the adjuster, have a clear understanding of what it is you are facing. This contributes to more accurate reserving and more meaningful disposition of claims.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.